Epson L220 Review

Epson L220 Review – As we know, there are lots of good printer brands that are sold on the market. In addition, there are Canon brand printers, one more printer brand that is quite favorable in the community, namely Epson printers. Epson printers have many types, but the most current version is the Epson L220 printer.

The Epson L220 printer is one of the printer brands made from Epson. You could even say the Epson L220 is the latest breakthrough from Epson printers where this printer is a printer upgrade from Epson L210 printer. Where on the L220 printer all its features are made more modern and more multifunctional.

Epson L220 Review
Epson L220

One additional feature is equipped with a scan and copy feature. Epson L220 printer is a type of inkjet printer that is equipped with an included ink tube and ink hose that goes directly to the cartridge. So when it will fill the ink, the user just simply pours ink into the ink tube and then the ink will automatically be channeled to the cartridge.

Besides this Epson printer is also equipped with efficient use of ink. Estimates in one black ink refill can be used to print around 4000 pages. So it’s not too wasteful to use. To be more durable and good print results, then use the original printer ink type for the Epson L220.

Plus the scan/copy feature has a one-touch button on the front. To design the printer itself is not too big and more practical so that the printer placement can be anywhere and save space.